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Tannenbaum »

Finally my Christmas decoration is complete. On the 3rd week of advent we already put up our Christmas tree. As we planned earlier we would just go to a farm garden that offer self service in cutting a Nordmann Fir. But we went back on the second day of the Christmas market and there we got a fresh one. I allotted the whole afternoon putting the ornaments and at last I’ve done with the Christmas decor.

First Christmas gift »

Last friday night we went at the opening of the Christmas market in our town. Our main purpose is to buy a fresh cut Christmas tree but sad to say when we arrived there, all were sold out. We just decided to buy the next day at the other garden shop. Before we went home, we made a look in every shop booths. In one of the booths we found hubby’s cousin selling her handmade silver beads, stones, and pearls jewels. She asked me to choose a necklace and that would be my gift from her. I was picky then considering the tag price which I find awkward when I choose the expensive one Lol! Anyway this is my choice worth 20€, my first Christmas gift.

Blog Love »

I got an award from Sasha says… Thank you!

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