Food Friday Weekend Snapshot

Weekend feasting out at the mall’s waffle cafe shop.

I ordered waffle with fruit salad and a hot choco.

Weekend Snapshot

It was already 6pm when we decided to go out since the weather earlier was not good. We drove at the Indoor Ski Slope where there are also restaurants to dine in. When we got there, some restaurants were already full but we still found a nice place. The foods were great that I forgot to take a snap on them but I didnt fail to take on these shots, which can be viewed just on the glass windows where we were seated. Hope you got a great weekend and happy monday to all!

Weekend Snapshot

We went in the city last weekend because hub wanted to buy hiking shoes. We entered a three story sport shop. As hub was trying those shoes, I explored the shop. On the center, there was an oval shape water pool that if one buys a canoe, rubber boat or diving articles they can test it there.  If you prepare not to use their elevators , they have stairs that can make you fit. In the diving section they have an aquarium of jelly fishes. And for rock climbers they have also climbing tunnel.  Here are some of the pictures I got.

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